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Main entrance of the Municipal Library of Ponte de Sor


Occupying the right wing of the Centro de Artes e Cultura building – a former rice and milling factory, that is nowadays a cultural centre -the municipal library of Ponte de Sor offers a wide range of information and knowledge, which is quickly available to all the users.

Thus, in order to meet the needs of its users, the Library has several collections, catalogues, and a set of services, from which we highlight the home loan, available to all users properly registered as readers.

The multimedia room


Starting in the multimedia room, you can find six computer stations and two stations for broadcasting videos, therefore making possible for all the users to access a wide range of electronic information resources. Still in this room, the user is able to consult several periodicals, including national, regional and local newspapers and magazines. There is also a printing and copy service.

The childrens room

In the Children’s Room, youngsters can find a perfectly suitable place for their needs. Here they’re offered the possibility to enjoy a variety of collections, with particular emphasis on the recently updated collection of children’s books, and the presence of a wide range of games, cd’s and dvd’s, duly complemented by the existence of a computer desk and another video station. Periodically several activities regarding the promotion of books and reading from early childhood like, for example, the ‘Story Time’, staged readings, and others are held in this section of the Library.

General reading room


In the general reading room is where, with open access shelves aimed at an adult audience (downstairs) and young readers (upstairs), you’ll find the most part of our book collection. Organized thematically using the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), the collection in this room extend from Philosophy and Psychology (Class 1) to History and Geography (Class 9); from Applied Sciences (Class 6) to Arts and Sports (Class 7); and, for instance, Literature (Class 8).

Within the latter class, the larger in the general reading room, you can find numerous literary genres (novel, poetry, historical romance, etc.) representative of several different cultures around the world.

Finally, coming soon, you’ll be able to find, in an appropriately identified own bookshelf, the Local Fund, where there will be gathered the vast majority of works about the history and culture of Ponte de Sor.

Montargil in the sacred route

(An overview over the history and religious historical heritage of Montargil, with a small guide, avalable in the local fund)


The Library is located in the center of Ponte de Sor as shown by the map

Location of the Municipal Library of Ponte de Sor within the city


Biblioteca Municipal de Ponte de Sor
Centro de Artes e Cultura de Ponte de Sor
Av. da Liberdade, n.º 64 – F
7400-218 Ponte de Sor
Telephone: 242 292 070
E-mail: cacgeral@gmail.com

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